Union visits members on Saba and Statia

POSTED: 10/13/15 3:41 PM

Wicsu in sabawwwWICSU/PSU President Henrietta Doran-York and union representatives on Saba. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – The WICSU/PSU union for civil servants and private sector workers visited the islands of Saba and Statia to meet with the membership and their representatives. President Henrietta Doran-York said that the board encountered members with many grievances on both islands, where according to them, their rights were being trampled upon by their supervisors and managers or as is the case of the Civil Servants, even by government.  

According to a press release from the union on both islands these claims were very similar. The union visited Commissioners Zaandam and McKenzie on Statia. Even though it was an impromptu visit, the Commissioners welcomed the union representative and they continued with a meeting with Commissioner McKenzie, who answered the many questions posed to her by the union and vowed to look into the different queries that needed further attention.

The Union also met with the Leader of Government of Statia Clyde Van Putten who gave a thorough breakdown on the changes since 10-10-10, and the struggles that they were facing. Van Putten promised to visit the workers in question who brought their grievances forward and look into the issues they faced and act accordingly.

On Saba, the Union met with Lt. Governor Johnson, the acting secretary, the head of Human Resources, and an advisor. This meeting however turned out to be very brief as the Lt. Governor and his team, were not prepared to answer any questions unless they were first forwarded, which would then give them ample time to prepare proper answers. This was respected by the Union and a follow up meeting should follow in the not too distant future.

The union reminds managers, directors and government, that it will defend the rights of the workers and also ensure that the conditions in which they work are good. The union will ensure that there is job security and equal treatment for all. The union also encourages the workers to strive to produce according to what is required of them and also to the satisfaction of their superiors.

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