Tzu Chi volunteers visit seniors at St. Martin Home

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A Tzu Chi volunteer interacting with a client.

St. Maarten News —St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation volunteers continued to spread cheer to St. Martin’s Home clients during their most recent visit on Sunday, June 26. The Foundation said in a press release that 12 volunteers, including four new ones, visited the home to pamper and give loving care to the seniors.

Tzu Chi held a meeting two days before the visit to introduce the new volunteers to the foundation and to have a brief training with them on the foundation’s approach during its monthly visits. The new volunteers were enthusiastic, very active and engaged with the serious in a very positive and rewarding manner. They were good listeners and they gave Tzu Chi’s special “royal treatment” to the seniors by helping to massage the seniors, change their nail polish and do some minor hand exercises. During the visit one volunteer consoled and stayed a bit longer with an emotional senior who was encountering some personal issues,” the foundation said.

The Foundation members even performed the sign language song “Three Nos,” which sends a positive message that there should be no one in the world a person, should not love, trust and forgive. “Let go of all the sorrow, pain and worry, may this great love fill the world through all of the time for the ending,” the song says.

According to the Foundation, at the end of the visit, the seasoned volunteers as well as the new ones – Rissa Proctor, Josianne Artsen, Ashanti van Heyningen and Rose Frans – expressed their gratitude for having an opportunity to accompany Tzu Chi on the visit and getting a chance to help pamper the seniors.

One of the new volunteers said she had a very good feeling during the visit and is eager to do it again. Another new volunteer said she really enjoyed massaging the seniors and said the seniors enjoyed it as well. The volunteer also took the opportunity to visit her aunt and her uncle, who are also in the Home.  

Long-time volunteer Aaudha Cchabria said he saw the excitement in the faces of the seniors, who lit up with smiles when Tzu Chi entered the Home cheerfully clapping. Cchabria felt blessed with the warmth received from the seniors.

Another volunteer said it was his first time engaged in such an activity and it was inspiring for him. Another veteran volunteer Mayra Provance said she had a very good experience as she spoke and interacted with a senior, which was pleasing.

Volunteer Margaret Steeman said the clients were happy with Tzu Chi’s visit and she noted that the interaction of the volunteers make them very happy.

Tzu Chi Commissioner Sandra Cheung thanked all the volunteers for their time and effort and in particular the new volunteers for accompanying the foundation on what is now a tradition for the foundation that began more than a decade ago. Cheung said one of the international arms of Tzu Chi has a day care facility for seniors who return to their families at nights. It also has a “Quiet and Peace Garden” where people could leave their parents to be entertained by volunteers and keep them busy doing little positive things. Tzu Chi visits the St. Martin’s Home the last Sunday of each month. Persons who would like to accompany the foundation on the visit can contact Cheung at: .

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