St. Maarten Government falls – three coalition members defect

POSTED: 09/30/15 1:35 PM


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Picture: St. Maarten Parliament

NEWSFLASH!! St. Maarten– The Gumbs government fell shortly after 12.30 p.m. today (Wednesday, September 30, 2015) after the parliament passed a motion of no-confidence submitted by Democratic Party MP Sarah Wescot-Williams with an 8-7 vote. Coalition-members Silvio Matser, Maurice Lake and Frans Richardson defected and supported the motion of the opposition. This means that the country will soon have its fifth government since it became an autonomous country on 10-10-10.

In favor of the motion voted MPs Silveria Jacobs, Christophe Emmanuel, George Pantophlet, William Marlin (National Alliance), Sarah Wescot-Williams (Democratic Party), Frans Richardson (independent), Maurice Lake and Silvio Matser (United People’s party). The latter two will leave the UP-faction and declare themselves independent.

Against voted the UP-members Johan Leonard, Theo Heyliger, Tamara Leonard, Lloyd Richardson and Franklin Meyers and independent MPs Cornelius de Weever and Leona Marlin-Romeo.

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St. Maarten Government falls – three coalition members defect by

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  1. dp says:

    As a visitor to St. Marteen, I was thinking about investing in some real estate but with what I have been reading, I am concerned about its future. I do not agree that St. Marteen can be independent of the Dutch. Basically you are running a small country and to do that , you must have leaders in office who do not have their own financial agenda. With a very limited number of people who can actually qualify to run the island, I would invite the Dutch to take over and build a strong economy and infrastructure. Making sure the revenue goes to improvements and not in the pockets of a few inhabitants. I is like the wild west there right now in that the leader takes a lot and gives a little back to satisfy the minions. The French side works well except that they should employ islanders first, which they don’t.

    I do believe they should employ residents first and then employ non residents

  2. SL says:

    Come on St. Marteen, pull it together. I’m in the planning process of starting a business on the island that will hire at least 15 locals at the start.

    I want to invest my own money to make things happen but every day, all I read about is how things are falling apart.

    I want to help, invest, and employ.

    The people must come first, not the “powers at be”.

  3. edward says:

    Those politicians of Sint Maarten are sweet water politicians. They should be ashame of themselves. You that since 10.10.10 a government cannot sit out their term for which they are elected? Come on you Sint Maarten politicians you have to grow up and get serious because you all are acting worst than small children. This is the 5th government since 10.10.10. You all wanted to be on your own but you all can’t even govern your country. Take a look at Aruba and you all maybe can learn from them or wouldn’t it be better for Holland to step to the plate because you all are showing that you all are not ready yet for governing a country.

  4. Vlenter says:

    To previous poster: there is no place called St. Marteen. At least not in the Caribbean.

    • lf says:

      That’s what I was thinking! Two posters calling it St. Marteen, yet they want to live on the island. First they need to get the name right.

      • SL says:

        Ya, my bad.. I had spelt it one way and then looked at the post above and thought I had spelt it wrong, and didn’t double check. Multitasking while at work is sometimes not the best.

        My point remains true though.

        St. Maarten is a beautiful island that is very attractive to foreign investors, but all we see and read is how the island is sliding. I still want to invest though.

      • D Mathew says:

        It’s a pity to read that yet another government couldn’t stay in place to govern St. Maarten. We need strong capable people in charge in order to get the island to where it has to be. How can a strong nation be built if we keep boycotting it ourselves from within? As Franz Fanon beautifully said in Black Skin, White Masks, ” the black man on his home territory is oblivious of the moment when his inferiority is determined by the Other.” It’s not about our personal wants and needs, but those of the country that is seeking guidance and proper rulers. Beware of the “hidden” puppet masters!!!

      • dp says:

        I would suggest worrying about the government instead of the spelling of St. Maarten. A spelling mistake is the response you have to questions about a fallen government? Shows where your thought process is at….This Island has so much going for it..the scenery, the landscape, the people, it is a special place that deserves better than the greedy leaders that have held court. So when the property values drop like stones, I will purchase what I can and eventually Holland will come in and lead this beautiful place because every leader since 2010 has shown their real intentions…Greed!

  5. Rual Amador Milliard says:

    How long is this (New Coalition!) going to last ………… What happens to the indictment against Matser ………. Is the Public Prosecutor (Dutch Government) going to make this case disappear like in Bonaire ……….. We are feeding the notion that we cannot handle our own affairs ……… We are letting ourselves be played for the sake of Power!!!

  6. JS says:

    I wish the people that actually gave a shit about the well-being of the island would actually get a chance. I’m sorry, those that give a shit and are competent. Clearly not everyone is cut out for the job, so not just anyone should get it. I was born in SXM and now live abroad. It’s not often SXM makes headlines, but it is disheartening to see this mess every time it does. This is not a joke or a game, this is the government of a country.

  7. Just me says:

    That’s all I have to say…….

  8. AC says:

    I think we are making the island look like we are a set of jokers and not taking anything serious. I welcome the Dutch to come in and take over. I would vote tomorrow for that as well as so many others. I don’t know what Silvio Matser wants or didn’t get but its probably monies that he wants under the table to pay off the court case against him and the 2nd thought is how is he going to pass the Interity test ? With a money laundering case still in court? I don’t think so??? As well as William Marlin and Maurice Lake what do you want now? Monies again under the table? Maybe someone should investigate Williams campaign finances? Hummm Their are rules to follow and I know for certain that he got big monies from different resorts in his private name??? Just something to think about!!!!! Come Holland come get them!!!!

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