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Shooter gets lighter sentence on appeal

St.maarten – The Common Court of Justice mitigated the sentence Hosea Diane Sablon received in the Court in First Instance for firing shot with a hunting rifle at his neighbor twice on December 13 of last year. The Appeals Court sentenced Sablon to a wholly conditional prison sentence of 18 months, 2 years of probation and 240 hours of community service. The lower court had sentenced Sablon in March to 36 months, with 18 months suspended and 2 years of probation.

On December 13, 2015, Sablon fired two shots at his neighbor Kenneth Parsaud after the victim had provoked him by throwing a stone in his direction.

Parsaud was sitting on a wall next to his front door when he suddenly looked into the barrel of Sablon’s hunting rifle from a distance of six to seven meters. He let himself drop backwards from the wall and thus escaped the impact of the shot.

The court sentenced Sablon for an attempt to cause grievous bodily harm.

The court found mitigating circumstances in the fact that Sablon has a clean record and that he is the breadwinner for his family with four children. Sablon also expressed regrets about his actions. Furthermore the court considered that Sablon had been shot by a brother of the victim two months before the shooting and that the victim and his brother Patrick triggered the incident by throwing stones at him.

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