Sapphire Beach Club & Resort inspected after complaints: Operation first of its kind on hotel

POSTED: 06/16/14 11:25 PM

CUPECOY, St. Maarten – The Economic Inspection Department (TEZVT), along with several other government entities from various ministries, carried out a multidisciplinary control of the Sapphire Beach Club and Resort in Cupecoy recently. The action was prompted after the department received a number of complaints from tenants, timeshare, and condominium owners about the property.  TEZVT carried out further research and after several inter-ministerial discussions, the control date was set.

A cabinet official remarked that this control of a hotel resort is the first of its kind, and that additional controls will be forthcoming in the coming months.

Approximately 40 controllers, inspectors, and officers made an unexpected control of Sapphire Beach Club and Resort. The group comprised of officials from the Ministries of General Affairs; Justice; Public Health, Social Development and Labour; Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure; and the Social Insurance and Health Agency (SZV).

TEZVT was informed that tenants had told the owners about the issues at hand, but no action was taken.

The survey of the property revealed exposed wires, waste water in the basement, mildew and mold, and possibly sewage water.  All infractions have been carefully documented.  The inspection took basically the entire day.  Two undocumented persons were also found on site.

The situation that was discovered at the property was totally unacceptable, the department said.  The hotel leaves a lot to be desired where it concerns its maintenance and safety program.  A massive renovation is needed of the building in order to address the issues that were discovered.

The safety of clients staying at the property and of employees working is the top priority of government, and it just makes good business sense to make sure your property is up to par, the department added.

TEZVT will actively control business for violations and there will be consequences for infractions of the law.  “Hotel properties are on our radar and every business has to comply with the law,” the department said in a press release.

TEZVT will continue along with other ministries and government entities in their efforts of controlling businesses to ensure that compliance to existing rules, regulations, and norms are adhered to.

Controls are an important aspect of government and it ensures that the playing field is levelled for all operating in the market.  In addition, it ensures that businesses and the environment can co-exist in way that is still prosperous.

Businesses are requested to make sure that they have their paperwork in order and ready for display when EID controllers request such during economic activity control activities.

EID activities are governed by the license country regulation (1963 no.28) and the island regulation of 15 April 1976 in implementation of Article 8.

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Sapphire Beach Club & Resort inspected after complaints: Operation first of its kind on hotel by

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  1. Albertus Jenkins says:

    I am a former condo owner at Sapphire Beach Club & resort and I gave up my ownership, which was completely paid. I was assessed my yearly maintenance fee and additional periodic assessments, however, nothing was ever done to the unit in twenty years, i just had enough and gave up the unit to Sapphire beach club without getting any money back as per the contract. This was the worst investment.

    • Alayne Hogan says:

      Please tell me how you gave up your unit to Sapphire Beach.
      I would like to do the same thing. I just want out of this mess.
      I just don’t know how to go about doing it.

      • Bill says:

        Did you get any response on how to give back units at Sapphire?

      • ralph says:

        can you please give me a call at 630-918-5650.


      • Gary Staggs says:

        All contracts with the sapphire timeshare have a surrender clause in the contract. If no annual maint fee is due then you simply notify the resort that you surrender your unit….That’s it..done deal..

        I surrendered my unit because the management basically is incompetent and unwilling to properly address the concerns of owners…end of story…..

  2. Bruce A. Libby says:

    This comes as no surprise. When we arrived last January we were told our studio unit was undergoing renovations and we were placed in another unit. No details were given about the length of time our unit had been under repair or unoccupied or for that matter when it would be available for occupancy. The entire experience has certainly turned our likelihood of returning to the Sapphire Beach Club to zero. We had hoped that new ownership would improve matters but this apparently is not happening.

  3. Tommy says:

    I agree with both of these comments. I am glad that the government has decided to do something about the situation. There needs to be more controls by the government on the timeshare condos. This is not the first problem that owners of timeshare facilities have had, and some of these problems could be prevented if there were controls in place. I know that referring to the type of controls that are in place in Florida may not be well received, but those do work, and owners are protected from the developers. If timeshare owners maintenance fees are not protected and used for their intended purpose then more will opt out of paying and that is not a good future. So please monitor all of the timeshare facilities.

  4. Karen says:

    Now that it has been six months since this has been done, what has been accomplished to correct the violations. Has it been reinspected, are improvements being made? Is the facility safe? From all the reviews on Tripadvisor, it appears that little has been to rectify the violations.
    If St. Maarten is serious about holding contractors and hotels to a higher standard, they should be conducting inspections of all facilities annually and going back to reinspect that violations are corrected within a specified time frame much like OSHA in the USA.

  5. ralph says:

    I’m looking to buy a condo at the Sapphire Beach Club. now that I saw this article about the complex, I am having second thoughts. can anybody give me a call at 630-918-5650.



  6. Estelle says:

    Does anybody know if any of the violations have been addressed I was off today?

  7. Paul Berlin says:

    We own a paid up timeshare at SBC. We have similar concerns and have attempted numerous times to contact M Verdier (the owner) unsuccessfully.
    Currently we are in contact with M. deWeever, Minister of Tourism, and looking to take action against SBC and M. Verdier.
    Anyone with information, or wishing to hold him responsible, please contact us at .
    Pass this on.

  8. Bob Belstock says:


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