Robbers make big hole in wall of grocery store

POSTED: 08/24/15 11:45 AM


store ownerStore owner upset about robbery that took place. Photo Today / Andrew Dick

St. Maarten – Grocery store Pondfill Food Market, located in the Van Grieken  Building, was robbed Friday morning at about 2 a.m. by bandits who made a large hole to the side of the building. Storeowner Jose L. opened his grocery at 7 a.m. and noticed that several items were missing, including a cash register. To his surprise, he found a large hole in a sidewall.

“I walked in and noticed that some stuff was missing. According to my cameras, two men wearing masks ransacked the store and looked for valuable items. They took my cash register with money in it,” said the owner. He immediately called the police and officers got to the scene at 9 a.m. The policemen told the owner to wait for the detectives to arrive.

Up until press time detectives had not shown up store. The owner started to cover the hole with cement after hearing that Hurricane Danny is on its way and should be here by Monday. “I am not waiting on anybody to safe guard my store, I waited so many hours for detectives to come and nobody shows up. Best thing to do is to cover the hole and continue with my day,” said the owner to this newspaper yesterday afternoon.

Acting Police Spokesman Steven Carty was asked about the robbery and said that he was aware of it however he is waiting for the full police report before commenting. The store opened at 8am and was closed after 4pm according to the store owner. The video of the robbery is still in the possession of the owner and they await the detective department to make contact for the investigation to begin.

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