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Research into St. Maarten monkey population


green vervet monkeys - getty

St. Maarten News – Master student in International Development Sanne Collée will be on the island for the next two months to conduct a thorough participatory research into the socio-economic impact of the invasive Green Vervet Monkey population on the island, the Nature Foundation announced in a press release.

The study has three objectives. First, to understand the scale of affected stakeholders and locations; second, to reveal the social and economic influences of the invasive monkey population on the island; and third, to discuss possible propositions and implications to manage the monkey population and to develop a response plan that recommends a method of control.

The Foundation has been conducting baseline surveys to determine the abundance and level of threat posed by the invasive monkey population on the island while the organization has been increasingly receiving complaints and reports of monkeys causing problems for residents in various districts including: acting aggressively towards residents and pets, overturning garbage bins in numerous districts, destroying gardens and garden furniture and defecating on people’s property.

To control the monkey population, the St. Maarten Nature Foundation needs to understand how big the social and economic damage is inflicted by the animals.

The Nature Foundation urges residents who have issues with monkey business to email the researcher at  or to call her at +1721 522 38 12.

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