Reader’s Opinion: When donkey sees jackass

POSTED: 10/5/15 1:50 PM

Dear Editor,

This article is about general knowledge and common sense. If a person shoots another person the first thing we hear is we need better gun laws. They blame the gun. Let us use common sense, if more laws will make people adhere to them don’t you think God will make a thousand commandments instead of Ten Commandments. You have to understand human nature to deal with it. It is our nature to sin and reject laws, so adding one more cannot fix the problem.

Human nature has to be taught values and personal responsibility. Criminals do not keep to laws. Punishment deters criminality. Let’s check ourselves, when men and women marry they promise to stay with each other for better or worse until death do them part. And as soon as a problem arises one cheats on the other; I guess we should blame the bible not the choice the individual makes. We take God out of school and we stop sending our children to church and foolishly we expect them to be good human beings (Jackass ideology).

Furthermore we advocate all kind of right for immorality (wickedness) but suppress teachings of God. When laws are made to allow wickedness or legalize sin, evil becomes God. When a drunk driver kills a person crossing the streets would you blame the bottle of alcohol and lock up the car? Is it not the person‘s fault?

Making more laws cannot change humans. The new norm for upbringing children has become single parent. A lot of you single parents try your best. But if two people married and refuse to work their differences out, it is much more difficult for behavior of children to be successful because children need mothers and fathers. Where the world has gone stupid is we cater for special rights for our sinful desires (lovers of pleasure) hoping that if we allow sinful desires to establish people’s behavior will become better.

That stupidity leads to more rape and pedophilia or child molestation. Whenever you allow sin a finger it will take your life. We give in to drugs and now we have drugs parasites on our street, making more laws against drug use cannot stop or prevent people from using it. God makes humans to live by ten simple commandments and he teaches us to be obedient which is our responsibility. He made a man to live with a woman and married them. When Adam and Eve disobey God our nature becomes sin and from then on our nature was to reject laws in general. So punishment is a must. The best solution is to practice what God teaches, man made for woman, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, and thou shall not kill. These are the very laws that man hates to teach. And because the laws of God are being thrown out of the courts and the families and the schools it means that we welcome Lucifer in to our courts and schools and families. Lucifer is the shining star of the morning and prince of darkness at night. Lucifer understands our nature and mind better than us. And Lucifer promotes alternative life style and sin. You see we become fools when we do not trust God. The conclusion is “When donkey sees jackass, evil becomes God.”


The patriot Miguel Arrindell


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