“Principles and values” directed Maurice Lake’s decision

POSTED: 10/21/15 2:30 PM
Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake.

Ex-Vromi Minister Maurice Lake.

St. Maarten – In a statement that runs almost 2,000 words, now independent MP Maurice Lake has defended himself against accusations by United People’s party leader Theo Heyliger that “power, position and ministry and others have manipulated him to break the government for self-interest.”

Lake says that he has known Heyliger for 25 years as a friend and for 15 years as his advisor.

“I have three Master’s Degrees and work hard for my family for everything I got in life and never asked Theo Heyliger for nothing in life. The main reason I got into politics is not only about party loyalty but to serve the general interest of the people and address the issues affecting the people with a plan of action to move St. Maarten forward.”

The disgruntled MP says that the Ombudsman anti-corruption conference in Curacao changed his thinking. He notes that Heyliger “is very active behind the scenes, but tells the public that he doesn’t tell the Prime Minister and other ministers what to do.”

Lake notes that he has been asked to rejoin the UP-team and that he would get any ministry he wanted. “I have never asked the UP-leader or any minister to do illegal questionable things for me.” 

Lake says he left the coalition because of the lack of leadership in the UP, the long delay in the appointment of ministers to the cabinet and the UP’s failure to execute the governing program.

“My career changing decision was solely based on my principles and values,” Lake stated.

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