Port of St. Maarten offers help with pumping storm water

POSTED: 10/22/15 11:19 AM

GREAT BAY – The Port of St. Maarten says that its Great Bay Master Plan 2 includes a one-mile long pipeline that will be hooked up to the storm water pumping system that was put in place to reduce water levels in the Great Salt Pond in the event of heavy rainfall.

Pumping the water one mule out into great bay would allow swimming in Great Bay to continue under safe conditions. The port has an interest in this project because the swimming ban for Great Bay earlier this week affects cruise passenger experience.

“This is important for a destination as it determines cruise ship itineraries,” the port writes in a press release. While the port fully supports the swimming ban issued by the public health authorities, it notes that cruise ports have to be cognizant with respect to trends and developments in cruise passenger destination experience. “A nearby island reported cruise passenger harassment at their main landing facility and that cruise lines have requested that something will be done or they will shift their cruise ships to another destination.”

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Port of St. Maarten offers help with pumping storm water by

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