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Police seize 100’s of penises during a raid at a morgue

Police made a baffling discovery while executing a raid at a residence of a mortician: over a hundred’s of human penises.

Police suspected the 49 year old D.R. an employee of the morgue of being implicated in an organ trafficking network.

The suspicions started after detective inquiries in Venezuela where they uncovered a shady trafficking ring in human organs.

Acting upon this tip from Venezuelan authorities, police was given a search warrant to search R.M.’s house hoping to find evidence.

Upon entering the home, police could not believe what they saw: endless shelves with jars containing penises in formalin.

Accused R.M. confessed immediately on the spot and described in detail how he proceeded to cut dead men’s genitals for over 7 years while being employed at the morgue.

Luxurious vehicles such as BMW and a Mercedes Benz, jewellery, Rolexes and $83,000 cash were also confiscated.

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