Police seek witnesses: Prosecutor warns against assisting fugitive robber

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St. Maarten – Anyone that is assisting the fugitive on the run from police for his involvement in the ‘Oro Diamante’ robbery, during which police Officer Gamali Benjamin was shot to death, will face criminal charges of six months in jail or a fine of 10,000 guilders, press prosecutor Karola van Nie said yesterday. The police released pictures of the two black helmets, a striped long-sleeved shirt and the bike the robbers used.

This past weekend, police arrested a 25-year-old suspect who tried to get rid of important evidence. The alleged shooter is also in custody. The prosecutor’s office and the entire police force, together with partners, are doing their utmost to find the second robber and make this third arrest.

Just after the robbery took place, the prosecutor’s office and the police asked for the assistance of the public by publishing a description of the suspect that was on the run. An arrest hasn’t been made until today.

There have been many requests to publish a picture of the fugitive. “Publishing a picture is the ultimate effort, in judicial ways, to find a criminal suspect. Both the police force and the prosecutor’s office are here to protect all citizens of the island and not just the ones who act according to the standing values,” the prosecutor’s office and the police state in their joint press release. “Even in times like these, the prosecutors have to work in a professional manner, although that’s difficult when a beloved and well respected police officer died in the line of duty. Since we need the public’s assistance, the prosecutor that handles the case and the investigating team decided to publish more pictures and ask witnesses once more to step forward.”

Anyone who recognizes one, or more, of the items, is asked to contact the investigating team on 568 80 52. The Minister of Justice has posted a $10,000 reward for any information that directly leads to the arrest of the second suspect.

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Police seek witnesses: Prosecutor warns against assisting fugitive robber by

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