Police on the lookout for tainted money

POSTED: 10/14/15 2:23 PM

St. Maarten – In connection with the ongoing investigation of the armed robbery at the Rouge et Noir Casino last week Thursday, the police is calling on the public to take note of red tainted money. The robbers took a bag containing an explosive dye pack that has exploded and stained all money in it with a red color, making the banknotes easily identifiable.

Using any type of bleaching agent to remove this red dye will not help. The investigators have been informed about people who used the tainted money and attempted to use it in cell phone vending machines and gambling machines. Anybody caught in the possession of this money will become a suspect in the investigation, police said.

Citizens who have information about this case should call the tip line at 9300 or call the police station at 542 22 22.

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Police on the lookout for tainted money by

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