Plasterk: “I did not advise governor about elections”

POSTED: 10/9/15 4:17 PM

Bosman: Decree to dissolve parliament is valid

THE HAGUE – “It is not so that I advised the governor not to hold elections,” Minister Ronald Plasterk (Kingdom Relations) said in the Second Chamber yesterday during where he answered questions from parliamentarians about the budget for Kingdom relations. “I have every confidence in the governor’s wisdom.”

Plasterk furthermore said that Governor Holiday has not taken a decision yet. “There is a stalemate. Three folks have defected and the Gumbs cabinet had taken a decision to dissolve the parliament.”

Plasterk described the political situation as unusual. “There was a motion of no confidence against the whole cabinet while the Prime Minister was abroad. In the Netherlands that would be unthinkable. I have always worked well with Prime Minister Gumbs and with the vice-prime minister.”

Ronald van Raak (Socialist Party) doubted that the governor would act on his own. “Is it not so that the governor has to agree with the dissolution of the parliament? This could only be different if he has an instruction to do otherwise. It seems that the governor has decided that there will be no elections.”

Van Raak furthermore criticized the fact that the governor asked advice from the vice-chairman of the Council of State, Piet Hein Donner. “That is not okay if the Council of State later on has to advice on this situation.”

Plasterk responded that members of the Council of State are free to speak with whomever they want.

André Bosman (VVD) asked whether the government that is still in place is the actual Government of St. Maarten and what the position is of the minister plenipotentiary, because she attends meetings of the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

Plasterk confirmed that the Gumbs-cabinet is the Government of St. Maarten right now. “They are still in function and there is no stipulation of time for them to make their positions available.”

“In that case,” Bosman replied, “the decision the cabinet took to dissolve the parliament is valid. The governor will have to sign it, or send it to the Kingdom Council of Ministers for nullification.”

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