Palettes – sources of inspiration for painter Norma Trimborn

POSTED: 01/20/14 1:18 PM

LOWLANDS – Imagine lying on a beach looking at clouds that lazily (and on occasion angrily) drift through the sky. Suddenly those clouds take on the shape of something you recognize –a dog, an airplane, your mother-in-law – or something you associate with those ever-changing shapes. Something similar occurred to painter Norma Trimborn when she looked down at her palette – the paper on which she mixes her paints.

Her sister, the artist Corinne Trimborn, actually set something in motion that resulted in the exhibition that opened on Saturday at the NOCOart studio in the Lowlands. An Artist’s Palette – Tool or Inspiration? “She told me not to throw the palettes away, but to do something with them,” Trimborn said during the well-attended vernissage.

The artist actually did two things. She uses her palettes –sheets of paper from a bloc with 50 pages – on both sides. The random smattered paint on these palettes produces equally random images and shapes. Trimborn turned her palettes into independent pieces of art. Framed between two sheets of clear Plexiglas the palettes offer art lovers the opportunity to enjoy the shapes and colors on both sides of the paper.

But Trimborn did not stop there: she also used her palettes are sources of inspiration for some of her paintings, like the waterfall shown in the picture with this article.

Why did nobody ever think about this before? “I am not sure I am the first one to come up with this,” the artist said modestly. But the twinkle in her eyes is a statement to her love for the work she is doing – and to her satisfaction with the results.

In her studio in the Lowlands, Trimborn posted the following thoughts about this special exhibition. “Tools create art. Thoughts create memories. Memories create experiences. Experiences create skills. Skills create beauty. Trace along your tools, thoughts, memories, experiences and skills and you find your life in its unique beauty.”

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Palettes – sources of inspiration for painter Norma Trimborn by

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