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POSTED: 08/26/11 12:33 PM

There is an underground market for politically incorrect humor. Our friend Mickey, who lives out in the sticks in oil town Bakersfield in California, must be one of the world’s leading experts in the distribution of what we consider in general useless information. But sometimes he makes us laugh all the same, even though we know full well that some people (with long toes, inferiority complexes, a horrible mother-in-law or a combination of these three factors) will become enraged about the same joke.
From firsthand experience we know that it is always a bad idea to tell a joke that insults Friesians – no, not the cows, the indigenous inhabitants of the Dutch province of Friesland. For one, they all have horrible mothers-in-law (exceptions simply confirm the rule), they all have ridiculous long toes so it’s kind of fun to step on them) and they also have an inferiority complex the size of Afghanistan. To make matters worse, Frisians resemble Germans in one particular way: they have no sense of humor whatsoever.
So asking a Frisian why Bonifacius was murdered in 756 B.C. is venturing onto a slippery slope, since you know that the answer will bring them close to committing murder. The story goes like this: a Frisian and a man from the neighboring province of Groningen had an argument near Dokkum. Okay, it’s a long time ago, but legend has it that the Frisian already then claimed that his dialect was a language and that whatever his opponent used to communicate was no more than a lowly dialect. These things happen.
When Bonifacius came by, the men decided to let him judge their dispute and live with his decision. Bonifacius made a serious mistake on that fatal day; he decided to be honest and told the fighting provincials: “I am very sorry but they are both a speech handicap.”
No wonder that the two men suddenly found common ground. They killed the priest who had dares to put them in their spot.
So when we read Micky’s political incorrect joke about a man who had to answer a question during a biology exam, we wondered for quite some time whether it was proper to share the question and the answer with others on this page.
In the end, we concluded that it would be a nice test to find out where our readers stand in the field of long toes, inferiority complexes and mothers-in-law.
The question was: mention two things commonly found in cells. (Remember, this is a biology exam).
The candidate answered (remember, this is in the United States): “Blacks and Mexicans.”
Turns out the answer was incorrect.

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