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POSTED: 10/5/15 6:07 PM

In the last two weeks we have had quite some notable events that involved our representatives. As we all heard there was a call for independence from the floor of parliament. There was also a parading of the four prime ministers of the Kingdom only God knows how a country can have four prime ministers. Anyway while there was a fair share of licking and kissing we only became important to the Dutch because they need us to lobby for them with the Caribbean and South American countries to vote for them. Strangely the fact that we are gangsters and Mafioso’s really doesn’t matter now.

If the action is favorable to the needs and wishes of the Dutch they would coalesce with Satan himself. And it won’t be St. Maarten if we don’t come up with one better just when everybody is convinced they have seen it all. The pinnacle of all the events was surely the fall of the Marcel Gumbs’ cabinet. Eight members of parliament who can’t get together and come up with a half decent proposal or draft law to ease the burden and suffering of the people who to date don’t understand that the political or social factors facing our country are jobs.

After five years and now five cabinets while unemployment is still above 12% and 27 % among the youth. Businesses closing left and right people have been made homeless by our government housing foundation government NVs running amuck and covering their tracks with non-disclosure clauses. What a country! Interestingly the chairman must have lost track of the agenda point for there was hardly anything said about government owned companies when they surprised him and the rest of us with this motion of no-confidence. So what can we expect maybe the same thing a year down the road but be that as it may the constitution prescribes that if a government no longer can count on the support of a majority of the legislature they should demit office plain and simple.

And since I am convinced that this cabinet is a business cabinet irrespective of what advice the technocrats give. Let’s do the honorable thing and make our positions available post haste. It is also interesting to see who is coming in as ministers like they sat tight on the motion the same seems to be the case with the ministers. But I got a whiff that Madame Wescot-Williams is bringing Mr. Emile Lee as her minister. I persist in my opinion that if an outsider doing business here doesn’t employ local people at their locales nothing would change when they are given political power. I urge St. Maarten especially our young people if this situation presents itself help me shut Philipsburg down. Today we own less than three percent of this economy and once we let them in the door of our government we won’t control that anymore either. There are enough qualified St. Maarteners to run our country and we hope to see that reflected in our next temporary government. This gentleman a few weeks ago was featured on Caribbean Passport a one hour program and he didn’t find one spot to mention St. Maarten or give us some kind of a plug. I know that the quick talkers and weaver of the political spin will be trying to justify this dastardly appointment but I caution you don’t be fooled. We failed to secure small businesses and one man concerns (eenmans zaken) for our people. Our future can only hope to control their destiny by gaining access to the halls of power through elections. Don’t let our legacy be total sell out of our children. Please leave the inflated egos and intrigues at the door St. Maarten/St. Martin – my country right or wrong, my country anyhow.

Elton Jones

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