Opinion: Playing with fire

POSTED: 09/2/11 11:48 AM

Helmin Wiels is, as usual, playing with fire in Curacao. His latest rant against the office of the public prosecutor is a venture into territory where no politician ought to go.
Wiels wants a parliamentary inquiry into the functioning of the Public Prosecutor’s office. That is necessary, he reasons, because all these investigations that are currently going on are politically motivated.
In other words, the Pueblo Soberano leader claims with a straight face that the prosecutor’s office is dancing to the tune of the opposition party PAR, and of course to that of the Netherlands. The prosecutor’s office will probably be the last to claim that it is above scrutiny – nobody is.
But when politicians start making noise about politically motivated investigations it is usually because these investigations push them out of their comfort zone.
We have heard this all before, also in St. Maarten. High ranking officials who end up in court, always feel that they are there because somebody framed them, somebody wanted to get rid of them, somebody was after them – and so on. Seldom will you hear such a high-profile suspect say to a judge: Yeah, I did all that stuff. What do you want me to do? Everybody is doing the same, I am the only one who got caught.
Nope, that’s not happening, and the way things are going in Curacao they will most likely get worse before they ever get better. The Central Bank, government-owned companies, and now the prosecutor’s office: nothing and nobody is safe for the relentless push by the Schotte-government and its supporters anymore.
It is unclear what Wiels thinks to achieve with his bogus parliamentary inquiry. Does he want to replace all prosecutors with henchmen from his own party? Will his next step be a parliamentary inquiry into the functioning of the courts?
Maybe Wiels ought to take a realistic look at the work the prosecutor’s office is doing. Maybe he ought to inquire by which standards prosecutors live. Then he ought to examine his own standards. We think that the outcome of such an exercise would even shock a loud-mouth politician like Helmin Wiels. Unfortunately, we also think that he will never do such an exercise.

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