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Opinion: Outburst

The outburst of Vesuvius-convict Erno Labega Jr. in the court room yesterday morning seemingly showed for the first time the real face of the 29-year-old. For no apparent reason at all Labega, who is serving a 6-year prison sentence as an accomplice in the attempted murder on Omax Bye on April 20 of last year, for firearm possession and for membership of a criminal organization, hurled an avalanche of swear words at the public prosecutor and the judge.

His attorney later told the court that her client had “totally lost it.”

But why?

Labega was on trial for a fight in the Bada Bing adult entertainment club. The court was about to watch video footage of the fight. Those images, Labega had shouted a few minutes earlier, would contradict everything witnesses had said about his involvement in the fracas.

In other words, if the defendant was telling the truth in this respect, the video footage would exonerate him. When Judge Tijhuis asked Labega’s attorney Peggy Ann Brandon which part of the footage she wanted to see, she replied that she wanted to see it all, since she had not seen any of it before. That is when Labega exploded.

Maybe his behavior in court will earn him some street credit in Pointe Blanche; we’re not sure about that. But in court he certainly did not get any brownie points for it. Judge Tijhuis kept her composure and calmly asked the guards to remove the defendant from her court room.

She also assured Labega’s attorney that her client would get the opportunity to see the footage when the trial continues at a later date.

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