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Opinion by Miguel Arrindell: Obedience

Dear editor,

Obedience is one of the most difficult challenges in life. For all humans obedience determines their success and quality of life if they choose to do what is right. I myself was very ignorant to this fact until I realize that if I was obedient to ChristIi could have been much more successful in life with a better quality of life.

When you study the ten commandments we see laws that protect us from doing wrong and that we should obey. It states clearly “thou shalt not” so when we do not obey means consequences follow that can obstruct happiness and the quality of your life. Let me give you an example, thou shalt not steal. It says clearly a wrongful act. But in today’s political correctness they call stealing an  unauthorized taking of something that is not yours. Another example that makes most people in the world guilty is “Thou shalt not commit adultery” the breaking of this law has destroyed families and has children being brought up in a house without love, Children seeing father or mother being with some other person than their biological mother and father. Most people are scared to admit it but being afraid to confront the truth and correcting it makes the reality much worse.

As humans we deny truth and live comfortable in sin which is dangerous and then wrong becomes right. The last example I will give you is to lie. This sin is the most dangerous sin because after a lie is established it protects itself by continuing to tell more lies to defend the last lie. A lie was told to Eve in the Garden of Eden, then the disobedient act was given to stupid Adam which establishes women as man’s weakness. And from hence forth we all are living in the world of a big mess which only Jesus Christ can cure.

Because we choose not to obey or be disobedient we all are living sacrifices which is the consequences of not being obedient to Christ. The counterfeit Church in today’s world does not preach obedience it teaches and preaches to live in sin comfortable. That is why so many pastors are sleeping which church members and so many church members continue to live in sin deceiving themselves singing about a heaven they will never see or reach. To be a true Christian it is what you could obey by living it not by only saying it.

You cannot be living in sin and ask God to bless you, It just would not happen you have to turn away from it. The conclusion is, “obedience is better than sacrifice”. I know the truth does hurt it hurts me too because I accept truth, but the good news is how you change for the better. The key to be happy is to deny wrong and obey right. This article may have stirred up anger in you; that is because it reflects truth or reality in your life that are not good; then change if for the better. If you are living a nasty lifestyle change to please Christ. But surely the choice to obey or not to obey will leave sacrifices of life long consequences. It takes a real man and a real woman to do what is right for those people; being obedient to Christ is a treasure in his eyes that respects his crucifixion which established grace for those who chose to use it. Please remember obedience is better than sacrifice.

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

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