Opinion by Elton Jones: Over-privileged

POSTED: 10/13/15 5:15 PM

As we open a new week we remain bogged down by the unfinished business of should they stay or should they go. Parliament and the executive find themselves at loggerheads and only now like during elections recognize the importance of the people they serve (the electorate). Both parties are now incessantly trying to influence the opinion of the voter with their version of facts and the letter and spirit of the constitution.

In my three scores plus years on this earth I have never heard or seen so many professors weighing on an issue that neither directly nor indirectly affects them. We have had many issues with instructions and heavy handed and despotic behavior by The Hague and the professors strangely enough were missing in action with their opinions. While I respect all of the opinions it comes down to consistency or rather saying what you mean and doing what you say.

Our Government so Council of Ministers and Parliament have argued in the last five years about the meddling and interference of the Dutch in our affairs. Are we the people to now understand that it is ok for them to meddle when it suits our political agenda? And why should the people care what they think. Parliament after three Wescot-Williams cabinets an election and almost another year has done nothing to amend things in the constitution they consider challenging all we have heard are meetings of who goes to Ipko and who should go to Parlatino. Today we are asked to take sides of a Parliament that has acted in the five years of existence of being an island onto itself and not accountable to anyone.

Doing as they please not showing up for work unless there is a meeting unwilling and unable to address the out of whack unemployment especially among our youth. The continued placement of outsiders in positions of power ahead of our own people in the civil service and the list is unending. Today they put their political problem at the door of the governor with a copy to the people. It reads please help us we mean well and everything will be better if we take the reins. Really when all we see are the same horses with an incidental jockey change. We are not being told as was the case when Messrs. Gibson, de Weever and others were proposed for ministers and the latter attempt to assassinate their character by maliciously leaking what should have been confidential information.

However, I want to appeal to St. Maarten people to rise up, against the candidacy and swearing in of the Chinese Mr. Emil Lee as proposed by MP Sarah Westcot-Williams. Many questions remain like if he so wants to help locals how come none are employed at his business and during his tenure at SHTA how come businesses did nothing to employ more locals or at the very least grant one scholarship to a local child.

The spin being put on the issue of the day are political alchemy and a lot of hocus pocus at the end of the day our needs and concerns will remain on the back burner or worse. While many of us think the cabinet having received a vote of no-confidence should make its positions available the authority derived from the loopholes in the constitution is also real and should be played to the hilt. The over-privileged and unchecked behavior of the executive and the legislature is ill-advised and detrimental to the future of this country and its people. Let the people decide for only the people can save the people.

Elton Jones

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