Opinion by Dave Levenstone: Working committee

POSTED: 10/13/15 5:14 PM

Dear Mr. Editor,

Please allow me to bring forward the following suggestion with the hope that it will be considered. Now that the Evaluation Report is out and official and also public notice I would like to suggest to the Honorable Island Council Members of the Public Entity of Saba to establish a working committee based on article117 of the WOLBES. Grant such a committee the authority to go through the various reports and within 3 months come up with action points that needs to be looked into for the island. I don’t think the Island Council should wait for the Executive Council or any Commissioner to explain to them the contents of the reports and the conclusions in the reports. The Island Council has to take a proactive approach towards the report. My advice would be to appoint Sabans to form part of the committee of no more than 5 persons. The Executive Council should be able to appoint its advisors but the Island Council as the highest body should have its own committee of to advise them. The council should be able to find 5 capable Sabans residing here on the island that masters the Dutch language to bring out an advice to them.

Dave Levenstone,

Social activist

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Opinion by Dave Levenstone: Working committee by

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