New parties come with joint statement about elections

POSTED: 12/16/15 5:50 PM

St. Maarten – The five newly established political parties will come with a joint statement about the decision to move the elections from February 9 to September 26, Christian Party leader Wycliffe Smith told this newspaper yesterday evening. He declined to make an individual comment on the situation, but it stands to reason to assume that the five parties are not happy with the outcome of the process.

The Christian Party, Hope, led by Mercedes Van der Waals-Wyatt (aka Elektra),MAP, led by Peter Gittens, SMD, led by Benjamin Ortega and Beyond St. Maarten, led by Loekie Morales have closed ranks shortly after they registered at the Electoral Council. Recently, they were adamant that elections be held on February 9, but that option is now off the table.

Smith said that the parties would “probably” come with their statement today.

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New parties come with joint statement about elections by

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