National cultural parade on November 11: Youmay Dormoy: “I want to see a thousand people on the street”

POSTED: 10/6/15 9:38 PM

culture wearOne of the eight sections culture wear attire for the November 11 St. Martin day parade. Photo Today /Andrew Dick

St. Maarten -“Faces and Traditions” is the theme for the islands first ever grand National Cultural Parade set for November 11, St. Maarten Day. Organizers aim to have the biggest parade the island has ever seen portrayed on the streets of Philipsburg. All citizens, service clubs, schools, foundations, churches, organizations and uniformed groups are invited and encouraged to participate. Organizer Youmay Dormoy is working diligently to get the groups to participate in this grand parade.

The parade consist of eight sections consisting of elegant wear, market woman and man, cultural wear skirt with sash on the side, flag color outfit, cultural wear skirt, cultural wear wide skirt with over skirt, cotton pickers and girl’s pink outfit. Groups are also encouraged to present a float depicting one of the above mentioned examples. The intention of the parade is a showcase the various traditions common to St. Martin’s history.

During a recent meeting with participants Dormoy informed them that he wants to do something special for St. Maarten day this year. “We need to bring back our culture and showcase how St. Maarten was and still can be, I want to have at least 1,000 people on the streets that day, dancing and showing off or culture. This will be unique and something that the island has never seen. We will also have cooking going on, for example fresh bread and tasty pastries. This will be a parade everybody will remember,” said Dormoy.

“We need more people to sign up, time is going, we are already in October. People or groups can depict the different sections that showcase the styles of the island. Anybody who wants to present the monument in costume or on a float is also welcome to sign up for the parade. The main thing is that we want to see only folkloric attire of St. Martin using floral design material. We are urging folks to use material from north and south side of the island and absolutely no madras,” added the head of the cultural parade.

Radio personalities of all radio stations are encouraged to participate and provide music giving their tribute to St. Maarten. Poets also have their part to play in this parade as they will bring a positive message in honor of the day. All groups are to carry the flag and a banner of the organization they represent.

He would also like to stress that persons having pastries are part of the jollification section of the parade and would be giving samples of their products free of charge to onlookers of the parade. Persons can sign up for the float section says Dormoy. The parade will start in Point Blanch and go through Philipsburg straight to the Festival village.  The samples are available for viewing at “Our creations arts and crafts store” located on the Backstreet near the Oranje School. Meetings are held every Wednesday at culture center starting 6:30pm. Persons are requested to come and sign up. For more information, the email address and number of the organizer is or 5812912. The COCAAE foundation is the prime organizer of the event.


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National cultural parade on November 11: Youmay Dormoy: “I want to see a thousand people on the street” by

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