“Morgan-ettes” win all female sports competition

POSTED: 08/1/12 1:08 PM

St. Maarten – After a display of team work and dexterity the Captain Morgan team secured enough points to be crowned as the championship team in the 2012 All Female Sports day event which was held at the Omni Sports Auditorium in Galisbay on Sunday. Ladies that represented the Adult Toy Box finished in the number two spot and the Presidente team finished third.
The event was organized by Sugary Treasures. DJ Biggas provided the music as the teams went about their specific chores during the routines. Seven teams of four faced off in a series of 10 fun events that were part of the competition and the eventual winners walked away with $1, 000.
The Adult Toy Box team won the opening event – Hula hoop. They picked five points for the victory and Malibu – which grabbed second place – picked up three points. Malibu turned things around and won the second event – bouncing ball relay – while Adult Toy Box took second.
Team SPN won the third event – sprint race – and secured seven points. The Adult Toy Box and Captain Morgan tied in this event and broke even to get 10 points each. Team Presidente, Adult Toy Box and Captain Morgan all finished with 10 points in the apple bobbing contest. This was the first wet event on the program.
Sunset Boobs, Captain Morgan and Presidente were the top three in the sausage eating competition. Seven teams participated in the event where members were required to consume 10 sausages.
After some time to digest the sausages, the teams faced off in a dance competition. Captain Morgan took the full 10 points, followed by Presidente on 7 and Adult Toy Box with 5 points. It was a one on one match up in the boxing competition where oversized inflatable gloves were used. Three teams – Malibu, SPN and the Adult Toy Box – broke even at the end of the competition after their respective boxers secured knock outs. The same pattern continued in the wrestling competition, only this time the three teams were Presidente, Sunset Boobs and 8PN.
Overall fitness and team work was the key to success in the ultimate relay challenge, the final event of the day where the teams were required to follow a series of specified drills. And the Captain Morgan team put the icing on the cake with 10 points followed by SPN on 7 and Presidente on 5.

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