More than 200 confirmed Zika-cases

POSTED: 08/10/16 2:53 PM

St.maarten– The number of confirmed Zika-cases on the island now stands above 200. Currently there are 47 confirmed cases on the Dutch side, Public Health Minister Emil Lee said yesterday. On the French side, there are 160 confirmed cases.

Lee said that he is working with Curacao on the production of instruction videaos and that the collective prevention services have a prevention plan in the works that includes fogging and spraying.

“This is not a war against zika, it is a war against mosquitoes,” Lee said. “Unfortunately, the population is not as engaged, knowledgeable and pro-active as they need to be. We’re still seeing too many examples where people are not pro-active in eliminating breeding grounds, but they must realize that the government does not have the resources to go after all mosquito breeding sites.”

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More than 200 confirmed Zika-cases by

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