Mars heads security company founded with former Chief Commissioner Holiday

POSTED: 12/19/11 2:27 AM

St. Maarten – The name of the company is self explanatory and when the plain clothes officers from ‘Blend In Security Company ‘ are assigned to a location, they will look like ordinary people, but they will have the responsibility to seek out potential threats. The company was founded by former Chief Commissioner Derrick Holiday and Neville Mars, a former employee of the Great Bay Beach Hotel.
During a simple but yet significant ceremony which took place at the PMIA Hall on Back Street yesterday, 13 officers were presented with certificates after completing a three day seminar in which Maximillian Philipa was the facilitator.
During the International Ship & Port Facility Security Code Training Program seminar, the officers who are now ISPS certified received valuable tips as it relates to threats to maritime security, drug trafficking, terrorism, facility security assessment, access control, communication, and emergency procedures just to name a few.
The heightened level of security worldwide came about since 9/11 and that has resulted in countries beefing up security where it was possible. But while the overall objective is to provide adequate security for all ports of entry to this island, Blend In Security can also be contracted to provide security for large and small businesses.
According to Phelipa, he was approached by the head of security at Blend In Security, Neville Mars to conduct the seminar. Mars runs the company together with former Chief Commissioner Derrick Holiday. “It was important that all officers from Blend In Security are aware of the ISPS Security Codes. They also had to know what their responsibilities are,” Phelipa added.
As the new security firm on the block, Mars expressed his optimism that his company will be a force to reckon with within the next few months. “We are a fast growing security company with about 30 employees and we are going to be targeting all ports of entry on the island,” Mars said.
According to Mars, it was imperative for all staff to be well trained, that he noted was one of the pre requisites for employment with his company. Based on what transpired over the past three days, Mars was quite impressed with what he and the rest of the officers learnt from Mr Phelipa.
“I would recommend him to any body and any organization, his level of management security is paramount to St Maarten as a tourist destination.” Mars added. He described the seminar as fruitful and beneficial for all concerned and pointed out that they are ready for the challenges ahead, not only during the festive season but also during the course of the new year.

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