Lighted Parade creates Rio Village on ring road

POSTED: 03/13/16 7:18 PM

St. Maarten News – On March 9th 2016 the organizing committee of Rio Productions Lighted Parade conducted a meeting at the headquarters of Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco to complete the final details for the Lighted Parade on April 9.

“It is Rio Productions’ mission to provide a safe environment where revelers can enjoy carnival music as they parade in lighted t-shirts and costumes through the streets of the Philipsburg showcasing St. Maarten’s culture,” Rio stated in a press release. “To achieve that, the organization needs to be on point with all safety measures taken into consideration. The organizing committee is tasked with the precision planning, and connecting all the dots to make this the best carnival night parade ever in St. Maarten.”

A new element this year is the Rio Village located on the ring road opposite the Ennia Building. The organizers envision this to become a hot spot where spectators can gather, eat, drink and party while waiting for the lighted parade to pass by. It is also the place where the parade will be ending, as it is marked as the venue for the official after party where the musical entertainment will continue to play well after the parade has ended.

President of Rio Productions, Brenda Wathey is excited about the developments. “Burning Flames and Small Axe will be bands on the road, and for the first time Soggy Dollar Bar will be teaming up with us as well. They are going to build a trailer with amazing light and sound effects whereby local DJ’s will be performing. That, in combination with our costume section and the flashing gadgets that our main sponsors Chippie and CLT will be providing, we can assure everyone that it’s going to be a light fantastic show; something that you just don’t want to miss.”

Availability of tee shirts is limited; the public is advised to pre-register online before March 16 at

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