“Let students abroad vote electronically”

POSTED: 01/19/16 6:34 PM

St. Maarten News – If students living outside of St. Maarten get the right to vote they ought to be able to vote in the place where they study,” DP-MP Sarah Wescot-Williams said yesterday. “If they have to come here to vote, only students who can afford to come back for the elections will be able to participate,” she said. “That would be discriminatory. We could overcome this by having the vote electronically.” Wescot-Williams said that, to make the student-vote possible, the constitution must be changed.

The DP-leader did not know how many students from St. Maarten are currently studying abroad. “But there must be hundreds of them,” she said, adding that the right to vote should not only be given to students who received a grant, but to all students.

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