Lack of funding hampers St. Maarten promotion by Kahn

POSTED: 10/15/15 3:44 PM

St. Maarten – Kahn Travel Communication has been asked not to spend any more money on behalf of St. Maarten because its contract with the government has not been signed, the company’s president Richard Kahn confirmed in an email to this newspaper yesterday.

“I am still actively representing the tourism interest of St. Maarten and doing my best to promote the destination that I have had a love affair with since 1978,” Kahn wrote. “We have not been paid since March and are therefore owed money.”

Kahn said that his company continues to speak with reporters across all media in the US and Canada and throughout the Caribbean. “We are actively helping them with stories. Up until last week we were also collecting clips of articles that have appeared regularly in major media in North America, but there is a cost for the media clipping service.”

Kahn maintains that his company “continues to succeed in promoting St. Maarten despite the fact that we have been hampered by a lack of funding. We do get moral support from the private sector and have helped any hotel or attraction that needs publicity. And we will continue to do so until we are told to stop.”

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Lack of funding hampers St. Maarten promotion by Kahn by

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