Killer shot to death in prison Curacao

POSTED: 08/1/12 1:07 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Kenroy Mana Mana Stefania, a 40-year old inmate in the Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon – the prison in Curacao – was shot to death by fellow-inmates yesterday morning. Stefania was serving a 38-year sentence for a series of violent armed robberies. He has been detained since 2000; a couple of years later he killed a fellow-inmate.
According to police spokesman Alfred Suarez two inmates have been arrested as the suspects in the killing. The weapon, a .38 caliber handgun, has also been found. The victim was shot at least once in the chest.
In 2005 Stefania escaped from the Pointe Blanche prison in St. Maarten together with Shayron Paulina who was serving a life sentence. After a month Stefania was re-arrested. He had been transferred to St. Maarten to make space in Curacao for inmates from St. Maarten who had been involved in prison riots.
Stefania and Paulina probably had help from the inside for their escape in 2005. They used ladders they had made themselves of rope and wood and escaped via an observation tower. The gate was cut open and the tools were found nearby.
The prison-murder puts pressure on Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe; he will have to explain how the murder weapon could get inside the prison, less than a year after another shooting took place. On September 13 of last year, Devon Otto shot Lysandro Alvin Kani and Steven Ansel Servanie in the former Bon Futuro prison – now the Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon. Otto acted probably on the instructions of the Kani family rivaling drugs gang from the Koraal Specht district in Curacao. He is serving a 30-year prison term for the 2008 murder of St. Maarten’s census office employee Stanley Gumbs in a case of mistaken identity. Last month the Court in First Instance sentenced him to 9 years for the shooting in Curacao. Otto also used a .38 caliber handgun for the shooting.

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