Judge De Kort opens lecture series about legal system

POSTED: 03/21/16 7:24 PM

St. Maarten – Judge Mauritsz de Kort will give a lecture at the university next week Tuesday about the Common Court of Justice and the legal system on Sint Maarten as part of the “The Law Matters to You” lecture series. It begins at 7 p.m.

“The Law Matters to You” is a joint law lecture series geared towards a diverse demographic audience and organized by the Department of Communication and the University of St. Martin.

“This joint venture,” Head of DCOMM Rodney Richardson said, “will be very informative for the public. The speakers will provide information on a specific topic, and the audience will have an opportunity to be interactive and discuss the topic with the speakers and other audience members. So the public will get more than a superficial glance at the law.”

USM-President Dr. Francio Guadeloupe said that “the lectures will be like a mini law lecture, aimed at bringing the subject of law closer to the people. With these lectures and communication activities, the topic of law should become more common place to the different segments of the population.”

The keynote speaker for this first lecture is Judge Mauritsz de Kort, who will speak about the Common Court of Justice and the legal system on Sint Maarten, including its structure and functioning.

De Kort was born in Oranjestad, Aruba and is in Sint Maarten since 2015 where he currently hears civil and bankruptcy cases.

De Kort was admitted to the Bar of the Common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba in 2000. He worked as a lawyer for six years with firms on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten before undertaking the four-year judge training program.

De Kort attended Business School in Arnhem and Law School at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He read for his Intercollegiate Masters of Law at University of London (LSE, UCL, King’s College).

Off the bench, the Judge has an interest in art and heritage. He served as a board member of the Curaçao Museum until 2014. He is also a founding member of the Bishop Ellis Foundation for the Poor and Needy on Sint Maarten during his time as a lawyer.

As for the lecture series, it is aimed at informing and educating the general public of Sint Maarten in different areas of the law, namely, court system, criminal, international, tax, fiscal, real estate, civil code and others. There are four lectures scheduled for this year.

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