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Joe Biden countless women grasping encounters is backfiring.

The latest accuser of misconduct by the former vice president of the USA Joe Biden is former Nevada assemblywoman, Lucy Flores. Turns out, she is not the only one accusing Biden of misconduct.

A twitter post by @kateBennett_DC went viral where it showed Joe Biden holding his two hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, then leaning in behind her, and whispering her in her ear or (kissing?). The picture was a snapshot of a video taken in 2015.

Even-though many described the situation creepy, Stephanie Carter denies she felt anything being odd about Joe Biden.

Another image of Joe Biden touching actress Eva Longoria is also circulating on the internet and a video of Joe Biden whispering to Maggie Coons.

Many now think that Joe Biden’s bid for the Whitehouse 2010 is at risk before he even started, while others think that there’s nothing to it, that this is just how Joe is, an affectionate guy.

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