Insel Air invests in new customer contact center

POSTED: 03/19/12 12:22 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Insel Air invests in its customer relations by announcing a new and improved customer contact center. Interactive Intelligence which is an IP business communications solutions provider and its elite partner – IS360 – will build the new center that will be able to serve all incoming calls and emails from around the world..
“The idea is to enhance Insel Air’s customer relations from this customer contact center by assisting all Insel Air customers with reservations and questions, while providing the same customer service to everybody,” Insel Air’s Chief of general and international affairs Edward Heerenveen stated Friday.
In addition to creating more phone lines and enhancing the ability to reach the airline by email, social media such as Twitter and text messages, the new customer contact center also provides other services such as a standard IVR system that can automatically answer frequently asked questions about baggage, flight schedules and reservations. The new customer contact center will inform passengers regarding the Insel Air flight schedule, such as flight schedule changes, delays or other flight status changes. Customers can call for information about the regular flight schedule by using the phone menu when calling into the customer contact center. Due to the new software implementation, Insel Air will be able to inform passengers adequately about flight delays, or cancellations. Insel Air flight status changes will also be available via the flight status button on the Insel Air homepage:
The customer contact center is also active on Twitter, which will be used as official customer service channel of Insel Air to update customers on flight changes. People can follow the Insel Air Twitter account via or ask questions via their Twitter account using the tag @Insel Air.
In addition to these channels the customer contact center is also dedicated to reaching each passenger via his or her contact information provided through email or by telephone. The airline advises travelers to always provide a phone number where they will be available during their travels.
The new customer contact center will be powered by the interactive intelligence all-in-one IP communications software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), which will be installed by the vendor’s Elite Partner, IS360. With IVR (a system of auto attendant services) it is possible to provide customers with standard information that can be quickly obtained by pressing a button therefore decreasing waiting time. Other system services that will be included in the customer contact center are a multi-media communication, which makes it possible to send automated messages via email in case of flight status changes and a post-call system which makes it possible to research the level of customer satisfaction among customers.
Besides the technical enhancements, Adria Pieters, Manager Customer Contact Center, adds; “We have also invested in our employees, providing them with opportunities to learn different languages and receive training, in order to serve our customers better. Customers can expect to be assisted in English, Papiamentu, Spanish, Dutch and even Creole in the near future. Our goal is to serve our customers, making their experience with Insel Air friendly, easy and fast. The new Customer Contact Center will be the one-stop contact point for customers, eliminating multiple transfer calls, making sure we can assist the customer right then and there.”
Insel Air and IS360 plan to start with the addition of extra phone lines, the first step in the customer contact center process in the third week of March.
“The installation of all the Interactive Intelligence software will take place in multiple stages, gradually adding new services, making sure everything works properly at the same time. As an airline we operate in the service business; our customers are our business and as our slogan says ‘Reaching Higher’ we are working hard on giving them the best service possible,” Heerenveen concluded.

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