Ihndhira Richardson-Marlin receives cultural prize

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stmaartenIhndhira Richardson-Marlin

Ihndhira Richardson-Marlin receives the award from Governor Holiday. Photo Today / Andrew Bishop

St. Maarten News – The Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund awarded Ihndhira Richardson-Marlin for her contributions to the Arts and Dance at the John Larmonie Center on Friday evening. Richardson Marlin is the daughter of Prime Minister William Marlin; she started to dance at a very young age where she was trained by several of the dance instructors that have graced the halls of the Motiance Dance Company.

Governor Eugène Holiday handed over the award and spoke of the extraordinary performance by the dancers and described them as extremely inspiring. “I had the pleasure of witnessing the wonderful, creative and invigorating work and performances of the winner of the 2016 Prins Bernhard Culture fund culture prize Ihndhira Richardson-Marlin,” Holiday said.

He pointed out that “as a community we take for granted the exceptional artist that we have on our island” and he is pleased to be part of the process of recognition and appreciation. “I hope that the work and the efforts of the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund which sought to recognize artists such as Ihndhira, will continue to inspire existing artists and awaken the untapped skills of aspiring artists,” Governor Holiday said. “May the invigorating way in which you embrace your performances, engage your audiences and give your all on stage as well as instruct your students continue to grow, that will motivate current and future generations.”

Richardson-Marlin explained how she returned to the island after completing her studies, which was quite a surprise for her parents and friends in Holland. “I wanted to return to my pride rock and teach and open doors for the talented kids that we have here,” she said.

She is aware that she is still learning and growing. She mentioned that she is honored to receive the prize and will continue to plot her way forward. She expressed her gratitude to the people of St. Maarten for giving all that was necessary to get to this point in her career. She noted that it was worth the sacrifice and hopes to continue to make the people of St. Maarten proud. She also thanked the dance teacher Susha Hein for all the work that she put into her. “Of it was not for her I may have been doing something else.”

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