“Have all expensive yachts in St. Maarten preventively confiscated”

POSTED: 10/13/15 2:53 PM


yachtsMember of Parliament Ronald van Raak filed a motion on Thursday in which he asks the Dutch government “to have all expensive yachts in St. Maarten preventively confiscated and to only give them back when it is clear that they have not been bought with dirty money.”

Little did Van Raak know that there are hardly any yachts in the marinas these days because of the hurricane season. Most slips in the Simpson Bay Lagoon are empty; at the Marina of Port de Plaisance several yachts are moored and while these vessels are nice, they probably do not fall within the category of “expensive yachts” Van Raak has in mind.

Whether the motion stands a chance to get the nod of approval from parliament remains to be seen. After that the big question will be how Minister Ronald Plasterk (Kingdom Relations) is going to execute it.

“Absolutely ridiculous,” says attorney Cor Merx about the motion. “That is completely made up, this is impossible. If this were possibly, they could also confiscate the car of McSood until he shows how he paid for it.”

Van Raak’s motion seems therefore more like the umpteenth attempt to badmouth St. Maarten than a serious contribution to the public debate.

The photo shows that there are a couple of yachts in the Port de Plaisance Marina.

Photo Today / Hilbert Haar

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