Futsal showdown in the making: RISC Takers face Paradise Inn

POSTED: 12/12/12 2:58 PM

St. Maarten – The presence of Leonardo Santiago, a professional footballer from Brazil in the Risc Takers camp as a guest may have been their source of inspiration and they are yet to be defeated with one game left in the 2012 Nagico Veteran League.

When the teams met last week, the RISC Takers defeated them 3-2 and for Shak It to advance to the finals in that crucial game, it meant that they would first have to get ahead of the one point advantage held by RISC Takers. But despite a last minute effort, that opportunity never presented itself and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

The battle between Paradise Inn and Strikers FC in the Nagico Super League saw rivals going up against each other in a must win situation and it was Lindsay Montcherry and Feroz Bakas that give Paradise Inn a two goal cushion going into the second half.

A goal by Loxely Parker extended the lead for Paradise Inn and Mark Reid, the keeper for Strikers FC appeared to be out of his comfort zone. That became more evident when Bakas who already scored one in the first half, added another four.

The Paradise Inn recorded a convincing 7-0 win in a game which had a bitter sweet ending after tempers flared and a red card was issued to a player who vented his anger against one of the referees.

In the Division League FC Veendam clobbered the youthful Emile Photo by 12-6. With one match to go, Flames United has the better chance to win the Division title. Number one to number three will win a trophy. The Nagico Fun Makers veterans didn’t let go of the 2nd place spot after beating FC Veendam by 8-2.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Youth Competition       13:00   Youth Games

Veteran Competition     14:00   Risc Takers Vet – Emile Photo Vet

Veteran Competition     15:00   Nagico Fun Makers Vet – FC Veendam Vet

FDL     16:00   Flames United  – Emile Photo

3rd Place          17:00   Strikers FC – ShakEat

Exhibition         18:00   Netball Exhibition

1st- 2nd Place  19:00   Risc Takers – Paradise Inn


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