French St. Martin Tourist campaign appeals to feelings

POSTED: 10/19/15 12:19 PM

MARIGOT – The Saint-Martin Tourism Office has presented its new communication campaign, in partnership with Atout France and Horizon Bleu, their communication agency.

This new campaign has three goals: to create preference for the island of Saint-Martin based on identifiable characteristics of the destination while offering an image more in tune with the travelers’ current expectations from different markets; to increase awareness of the destination in the French Caribbean with a positive and dynamic image utilizing modern tools (mainly digital) ; to develop traffic using strategic resources and materials to create a meeting point between the destination and its targets.

 Through this new branding the Tourism Office will strengthen its position by defining a new brand promise and a new creative expression. This new strategic approach enriches the concept “more than elsewhere / Friendly Island” by changing the scope of that promise.

 Addressing a more urban CSP + and ++ clientele, traveling as a couple and / or family, the campaign is not aimed at a “target” or consumers, but to men and women seeking to enjoy true human, cultural and personal experiences. This campaign speaks to their feelings and of what Saint-Martin has to offer in order to become the reference brand of their emotions.

The campaign visuals such as the video highlight scenes and experiences that the future traveler or those who wish to rediscover the destination will live in Saint Martin. All of this on a backdrop of blue skies and paradise-like landscapes. The emphasis is placed on the diversity of the destination, showcasing the best assets of the island such as gastronomy, beaches, welcoming and smiling inhabitants, entertainment, water activities and sports.

To accompany this series of visuals and video, a new slogan “Smile at Life” which proves to be an invitation to visitors to smile to life by providing a destination where smiles and the reasons for wellness are omnipresent.

The campaign has started in France this month, with a strong presence in the professional press as well as tourism and news websites, including travel and lifestyle headlines in the French press.

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