Foundations honor cultural icon Emilio Wilson

POSTED: 08/29/11 12:22 PM

Milo was born one hundred year ago yesterday

St. Maarten – The Emilio Wilson Cultural and Historical Park was crammed with cars yesterday afternoon, but most visitors did not come to honor the century anniversary of Milo’s birth date; they were elsewhere in the park for a do organized by Winair to celebrate the fact that the company reached the half-century mark.
Cars were parked carelessly immediately next to Emilio Wilson’s bust; that made shooting pictures near impossible, and it made people wonder why estate-owner Henri Brookson had not opened the second entrance to the estate to accommodate parking. Fortunately one of the cars departed shortly before representatives of the foundations that intended to mark the anniversary arrived.
That Emilio Wilson is a cultural icon, and that St. Maarten ought to honor him, became apparent from the brief speeches made by former first Lady Angela Richards, Elsje Bosch, Jadira Veen, Julius Lambert and Jay Haviser. The President of Parliament, Gracita Arrindell was also present.
Elsje Bosh said that it is about time that St. Maarten names a street after Emilio, and Arrindell immediately reacted to this idea by saying that she would file a motion to that extent in the Parliament.
Jadira Veen, representing the Heritage Foundation and the Pride Foundation, added that Emilio Wilson had always wanted to keep the estate in its original state. “I would like to see this become St. Maarten’s national park, with a museum in one of the structures that is still on the estate.”
The foundations planted yellow sage, St. Maarten’s national plant, at the foot of Emilio Wilson’s bust. The plant is also part of the country’s Coat of Arms. Digging into the earth around the bust proved to be a challenge, but archeologist Jay Haviser showed that he is used to digging in the island’s sometimes stubborn earth and he got the job done.
Remarkably absent from the tribute to Milo were parliamentarian Louie Laveist, who inaugurated the cultural and historical park five years ago on July 1, 2006, and whose name is engraved on the plaque underneath the bust, and the current estate-owner, Henri Brookson

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