Foundation introduces U-7 players to interscholastic competition

POSTED: 01/28/13 1:49 PM

St. Maarten – If time was permitted, more goals would have been scored in the first week of the St Maarten Soccer Educational Foundation’s interscholastic tournament that kicked off on Saturday in Belvedere.

The participating schools in this year’s competition are divided into categories are the C.I.A, Combine Montessori, Sr Genevieve de Weever, Learning Unlimited, Leonald Connor, Charles Leopold Bell, M.P.C, Christian Hillside, Sr Magda, Sr Regina and the St Dominic High School.

The divisions to be competed in are the U-7, U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15 and a Champions League for boys and girls. Long before the official opening ceremony which started at 11.15 a.m. the competition was already heating up with several matches.

The Sr Regina team was first to score a win in the competition in the U-9 bracket when they defeated  Leonald Connor by 7-0. Top scorer for Sr. Regina was Amaru Bute with 3 goals and no assists. Girl soccer talent Jiarah Drijvers made herself useful by providing 2 assists.

In game two, Leonald Conner versus St. Dominic High School in the 13 and Under category and that was a close game from start to finish. St. Dominic just seemed to have more luck than Leonald Conner this time around and won that game by 2-0.

The goals were scored by Jatin Sachdev and Himanshu Kotair Himanshu also assisted his teammate once as well.

The last game before the opening ceremony was between Sr. Magda United Stars and C.I.A. in the 11 and Under category. The C.I.A. had some organizational problems and was therefore only able to field 4 players.

Four players was enough to be allowed to play the game, however, the regular number of players allowed per team on the field is 6. Jeahru Richardson of Sr. Magda took advantage of a depleted team and scored within 10 seconds after making a rush around the C.I.A. defense once he came into possession of the ball right after the kick-off.

Sr. Magda clearly had the advantage and this resulted in 4 goals in the first half and 3 goals in the second half. Tommy Taylor of C.I.A, a talented player who has been participating for numerous years in the tournament, was able to lift his teammates spirits and wow the crowd with scoring with a lob from midfield twice over the Sr. Magda’s goalkeeper’s head in the first half.

The keeper however quickly learned his lesson and Taylor was unable to repeat it in the second half. Sr. Magda went onto win by 7- 2. Top scorer for Sr. Magda United Stars was Diaro Forsythe with 3 goals.

After the opening ceremony and the Qualichi women’s soccer team exhibition game it was time for Sr. Magda Girls to take the field versus the Girls of Learning Unlimited. The Sr. Magda Girls had looked with special interest at the Qualichi women’s exhibition game, because their coach Rachel Hofdom and Teacher Kyra of Sr. Magda Primary school were both on the field and scoring goals.

The Sr. Magda Girls had every intention to do the same. It took some time, however, for both Girls teams to settle down. Sr. Magda was the first team to find its rhythm resulting in the opening goal by Jermeika Wescott, followed by a goal just before half time by Gwen van der Geer.

It gave Sr. Magda a 2-0 lead, however Learning Unlimited regrouped during half time and came out better organized in the second half which quickly resulted in a goal by Kathryn Caputo. The joy of closing the gap by Learning Unlimited was short lived because this game’s top scorer, Rawlisha Busby scored two more goals in the second half and Sr. Magda won the game by 4 – 1.

The next game was another all female affair between Sr. Regina and Leonald Conner. Even before the start of the game a lot of people commented on the difference in size of the players between the two teams.

Sr. Regina was clearly in a disadvantaged position physically compared to the girls from Leonald Conner team. However, Sr. Regina showed once again that being smaller does not have to mean that you are unable to do what needs to be done.

In the first half both teams had chances, but luck was on Sr. Regina’s side. At halftime the score was 2 – 0 in favor of Sr. Regina. The Leonald Conner Girls tried their best but they were not fortunate in their finishing. Sr. Regina had no such problem scoring three more goals in the second half and won the game 5 – 0.  Top scorer for Sr. Regina was Aichelle Peters with 2 goals, the cousins Nacirfa and Jiarah Drijvers both scored once as so did Meave de Bruijne.

After the Girls it was time for the 15 and under teams St. Dominic High School versus C.I.A. Both teams had brought 8 players to the field and were ready to play their 40 minutes game of two halves of 20 minutes with a 5 minute break. (the regular games are 30 minutes, two halves of 15 minutes except for the Champions League games which are 40 minutes as well).

For a long time the game was close with the teams taking turns in adding more goals to their total. At half time St. Dominic was leading 4 – 2. C.I.A. managed to come back to 5 – 4, however St. Dominic never relinquished the lead. St. Dominic won this time with 9 – 6. Top scorers for St. Dominic High School was Brandon Lee Potmis with 5 goals, Suraj Rathwani scored twice and assisted once as did James Cook. Top scorer for C.I.A. was Jeremy Bryan.

The last game of the day was a 7 and Under category game between Sr. Magda Greenboys and Sr. Magda Rockstars. Even though the players are great friends during their joint weekly practice, they took their roles as rivals serious. Both teams played their hearts out attempting to win the game. The crowd was enjoying their efforts and loudly cheered them on. The game was fast paced and the players went up and down the pitch.

Kyrah Lacroes opened the score for Sr. Magda Greenboys and the Greenboys was able to maintain their lead deep into the second half even though Sr. Magda Rockstars came close to an equalizer several times.

Just before the end of the game it was Jorginho Singodikromo who was able to score the long anticipated equalizer. The confrontation between Sr. Magda Greenboys and Sr. Magda Rockstars ended therefore to everyone’s satisfaction in a tie 1 – 1.

Next week Saturday February 2, the tournament will continue; it lasts fourteen Saturdays until June 1). At the moment there is no information yet about which teams will play next week. The reason for this is that the schools were allowed to register until and during opening day. By tomorrow the game schedule should be out.

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