Former finance minister suspect in Piranha-investigation: Hiro Shigemoto arrested

POSTED: 12/18/12 12:44 PM

St. Maarten – Former Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto was arrested yesterday morning as a suspect in the Piranha-investigation. Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos confirmed that the arrest took place at ten o’clock and that the suspicions are the same as those against Roberto G., a 59-year old who was arrested on suspicions of money laundering, fraud and forgery on December 3. Last Thursday, the judge of instruction suspended G.’s custody.

Shigemoto was the first minister of finance of country St. Maarten. He lost his position when the government fell earlier this year in the so-called calypso-coup in April.

The Piranha investigation started in 2011 after the former head of the finance department, Bas Roorda, filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office.

On Friday, this newspaper reported that after the arrest of Roberto G., two prominent suspects were still not detained. With Shigemoto’s arrest that number is now down to one.

According to Roorda, who submitted a large number of documents to the prosecutor’s office on the day he was fired last year, the investigation is about malversation with Usona-funds and regular government money and about abuse of public tender rules.

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Former finance minister suspect in Piranha-investigation: Hiro Shigemoto arrested by

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  1. Michael says:

    What is a piranha? Is that something like an Orca? Maybe the Orca will be forgotten just like the piranha.

    I only hope Holland is reading this.

    It seems this one is too hot and now it is stone cold like all the investigations here.

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