Financial consultant: More can be done to help St. Maarten’s youth

POSTED: 07/18/16 5:09 PM

St. Maarten News—A financial consultant who has been visiting St. Maarten for several years, is concerned with the lack of opportunities for young people here. Albert White is a domestic and international business strategist in Maryland, USA and has been visiting St. Maarten for several years. He suggested that the people of the island, particularly young people are not benefiting from the economic growth and many of them are leaving St. Maarten as a result. “You can see the young people leaving the island and going elsewhere and not staying here,” White told Today.

He said he has friends who live in the US who are from St. Maarten who are disenchanted with the country’s politics. “I know people from the United States who are from St. Maarten who basically said St. Maarten is a beautiful place but politically it’s has a lot to be desired and people have not benefited,” White said.

Another concern he has is the lack of development of the Mullet Bay area, which he noted holds great potential for the island’s tourism growth. “I have been staying at the Towers over at Mullet Bay which is owned by a very wealthy businessman and I have seen that facility (Mullet Bay) progressively go down and I’m concerned about that because it’s an area—Mullet Bay—that needs to be really the key-mark and cornerstone of St. Maarten,” he said.

White said he wants to help Wycliffe Smith, leader of the St. Maarten Christian Party (SMCP) and a candidate in the upcoming elections to craft an economic plan that will help benefit the people of St. Maarten. “I love the people in St. Maarten and I think there is so much things that can be done,” White said.

White was this week in St. Maarten as part of the Vacation Bible School (VBS) team at the New Testament Baptist Church. He is part of a team from the US lead by Pastor Ralph Duke from Virginia that visit the island every year for 25 years to volunteer with the local team to be a part of the one week program, serving hundreds of children.

Whyte has been a banker for several years with a special interest in international financial structuring for multi-nationals and also served as an advisor to a wealthy family in the Philippines. He left banking and started his international trading company and is also a financial consultant.

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