Escaped Prisoner “gets help from people in the community”

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Police photo of Kathron Fortune, nicknamed Cuchi. Photo KPSM

Police asks again to call the tip line #9300

St. Maarten – Escaped prisoner Kathron Fortune is getting help from people in the community, the police stated in a report yesterday. They keep the convicted killer in hiding and provide him with meals, clothing and transportation from one location to the other, the statement read. “The justice department is again reminding the entire community that this type of assistance to any fugitive is a very serious crime.”

Fortune has however in the meantime also been listed on the Most Wanted website of Interpol, indicating the possibility that Fortune has already left the island and has found shelter elsewhere.

The police department is convinced that there are citizens who have information about Fortune’s whereabouts. “They remain reluctant to come forward, fearing that their identity might be released and that they or a family member may become a target afterwards.”

The department provided information about its tip line (#9300) in an effort to take away those fears.

The tip line is an anonymous phone line; it is accessible on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone will be answered by an employee of the CID Criminal Intelligence Division). After hours and during the weekend the tip line is hooked up to an answering machine.

Informants who want to make a personal appointment with a CID officer do not have to go to the police station. They will meet in a place both the informant and the Cid officer agree upon.

The police report states not to get alarmed in case someone picks up the phone after hours or during the weekend. “do not hang up and give you information to the officer,” the report states.

“The St. Maarten police force absolutely guarantees that calls to the tip line will always remain anonymous. You identity and other personal information will not be shared with anyone.”

The police points out that sharing information given tvia the tip line with others may compromise people’s anonymity.

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  1. John says:

    The St Maarten police have to start leaning how to respect the citizen of country sxm and stop treating the people, who they are supposed to protect like criminal in regular traffic stop.Then maybe the citizen who you treat like criminal ,Wouldn’t have a problem telling the sxm police what going in the community .Sxm police should take example form the French police ,on how be a community police ,god bless the french police for treating the citizen like their fellow humans,and not criminal like the Dutch police. .

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