Enthusiasm about school tennis project

POSTED: 05/23/16 7:18 PM

St. Maarten News – The Country Club at Port De Plaisance in collaboration with the school manager Stuart Johnson of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School teamed up for a special physical education project that began on February 2.

Since the beginning of the year the Cycle 2 classes of the school added professional tennis classes to their physical education experience. Physical education coach Kevin Dekkers and class teachers assist during these classes.  

“I am extremely happy so far with the progress our students have shown by participating in this weekly tennis partnership,” school manager Stuart Johnson said. “Every week the students are eager to go to PDP Country Club to gain more knowledge and skills in tennis. The excitement is clearly on their faces are they actively engage in this sport.” 

 “Welcoming the students to the Country Club Port de Plaisance was a great opportunity for us as we strongly believe in providing opportunities for children,” Marc J. Morand, General Manager of the Country Club said.
“I had a great experience being with the students when I visited and saw first-hand how they’ve grown into this sport,” said Managing Director of Marine Management & Consulting Jeffrey Dale Boyd. “I’m elated to have fostered this working agreement with the school manager to the benefit of the students. They have really impressed me especially when I had a one on one match with them.”  

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