Elderly woman complains about neighbor’s sewage

POSTED: 03/20/12 3:07 PM

St. Maarten – An eighty three year old Pointe Blanche resident is appealing to the health authorities to intervene in a case of destruction of property via unabated sewerage and waste water. The elderly French national, who only wished to be identified as J.B, has been living at Pigeon Road since 1968 and claims to have been the first resident in the area. Higher up in the mountainous area lies the home of her neighbor, a wealthy Front Street businessman on Mountain dove Road. J.B said that for the last three years she has been complaining about the businessman releasing his sewerage and washing water onto her property but to no avail.
“I begged them, I phoned them. I am surprised by their behavior. I don’t see why they should treat me as somebody in the lower caste of Hindustani people.”
The mother of two said that she was so angered by the situation that she decided to no longer cleanup but leave the water and foul stench for all to witness. When Today newspaper visited the scene, J.B’s garage and several equipment showed signs of severe water damage. The alleged culprit’s property could be seen just above her garage roof on a steep incline.
“I don’t see why somebody should throw dirty water in my lane. I am shocked that those people who have so much money are doing these kinds of things. It shows how people refuse to care for this island. They are happy to take the money but nothing to give back to its development,” an apparently distressed J.B kept repeating.
Because of her failing health, the woman plans to relocate to Guadeloupe where she will be cared for by her children. In the meantime she says that it has become increasingly difficult to abide in her home because of the health risks unsanitary conditions pose.
“Everything is completely ruined and it smells terribly bad. I can no longer take it. They refused to come and help me cleanup”
J.B first arrived on the ‘Friendly Island’ in 1961 where she supported her husband in a popular dental clinic.
“In 1965 Mr. Wathey gave my husband and I this land to build our house as a reward for my husband’s many years of free dental services to St. Maarten children. I was the first one to own a piece of land here in Pointe Blanche,” she proudly says.

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