Editorial: Weird

POSTED: 06/3/14 12:19 AM

The Council of Ministers met last week with a man named Craig Baptiste who supposedly is working on a project to increase the hub function of the Princess Juliana International Airport.

But who is this man? Portrayed in a DCOMM press release as someone who has been “active in the aviation industry for many years” Baptiste turns out to be somewhat of an enigma.

The only company with the name B&L Worldwide that surfaces in an internet-search is an all-Filipino owned marketing company that distributes “high grade and excellent quality foods from Thailand, Vietnam and Canada.”

Further searches show that Baptiste is the co-chairman of the Mach-1 Auto Group, a company in San Clemente, California that specializes in acquiring and operating premier car dealerships in the United States.

Nowhere does his name surface as the chairman of B&L Worldwide and nowhere does a connection come up with Project Majestic.

We are not sure what is going on here, but the word weird certainly comes to mind.

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