Editorial: Some comfort

POSTED: 05/6/16 8:46 PM

That the killer of Police Officer Gamali Benjamin would not end up with a life sentence did not come as a surprise to many, but the only reasonable alternative seemed to be the maximum temporary prison sentence of 30 years. That the court went ten years below that in its decision feels like a slap in the face of law enforcement, and understandably so.

In our opinion, someone who fires more than ten bullets at police officers is hell bent on putting their lights out, yet the court ruled that the shooter had no intention to kill either one of the officers.

Those who are now upset about the verdict may find some comfort in the knowledge that this story is not over yet. The prosecution has appealed the verdicts against Ridge Damisse and Jovanny Leon and the Appeals Court may well arrive at a completely different conclusion when it hears the case after the summer.

For now, we’ll have to respect the ruling of the independent judge. But we do not have to agree with it, and we do not have to like it.

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  1. joe b says:

    It’s a total miscarriage of justice that the court did not give the killer of the Police Officer life in prison. That kind of thinking on the courts part is one reason that criminals on the island have no fear they know that they not going to be held accountable.
    To say that the person had no intent to kill the officer they committed an armed robbery and during that act the officer was killed . It doesn’t matter what their intent was their actions caused the death of the Police Officer.
    All citizens of the island should be outraged and the Politian should stand up and support their Police force.

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