Editorial: Moneymaker

POSTED: 06/1/14 11:56 PM

Things move slowly, bot move they do. One may well wonder why draft legislation to establish a Bureau for Intellectual Property in the Netherlands Antilles floated around for almost fourteen years before somebody woke up and took action. In Curacao, the bureau was established last year and, if Parliament gets really active, St. Maarten will follow per January 1 of next year.

The Bureau for Intellectual Property is an interesting government service if only because – unlike many other services – this one does not cost the taxpayer any money. On the contrary, the bureau will contribute to the treasury come 2016.

The services of this bureau will also benefit local entrepreneurs and all those who have something they want to protect – be it a trademark or copyrighted material. The BIP promises to be fast – more than six times faster than Curacao – and it also promises to be one of the country’s moneymakers. Time for Parliament to spring into action, we’d say.

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  1. Terrance Rey says:

    Yes, I have a number of items I need to register. Finally!!!!