Editorial: Irony

POSTED: 01/21/14 12:34 PM

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word irony is defined as “a contradictory outcome of events as if in mockery of the promise and fitness of things.” By that definition, wouldn’t you say that a Member of Parliament who sits on the Permanent Committee on Justice and is now detained by police for possible bribery and money laundering an ironic situation? We’d like to think so.

MP Illidge, who was detained yesterday morning for questioning in the so-called Bada Bing affair, is a Member of Parliament’s www.mindanews.com/buy-imitrex/ justice committee. Yet the irony of it seems to be lost on most, if not all, of his colleagues in Parliament. To be fair, though, MP Illidge is innocent until proven guilty.

He did, however, propose a reckless motion on tax relief recently. We’d like to ask him, ironically of course, if he is going to declare to the tax authorities the “loan” Van den Heuvel supposedly paid him back on that fateful Sunday morning.

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