Editorial: Foolish

POSTED: 10/15/15 4:12 PM

We have to agree: closing down that meeting of parliament yesterday in record time and based on an article that does not even get in the neighborhood of the situation at hand was not the smartest thing to do. MPs of the new majority called it ‘illegal’ but we would rather called it plain harassment.

There is a new majority and parliament president Dr. Lloyd Richardson and his first vice president Leona Marlin-Romeo gracefully made their positions available. Why then would the second vice-president, Cornelius de Weever, pull such a stunt?

Is this in the best interest of the country? Or is it in the best interest of something else.

One thing is certain, the world is watching in utter bewilderment how one local politician manages to make a whole country look foolish.

We thought that our population deserves better but apparently we were wrong.

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